Legal Notice

In the present legal notice, the ULINDR User will find all of the relative information to the terms that will be stated between her and the responsible on the ULINDR mobile APP (from now on, the APP), when she agrees to become, in fact, a User. These can be found in both versions of the APP, the one for Android and the one for iOS, through Google Play and the APP Store, respectively; as well as in the Ulindr website, to which you can access with the following URL: (from now on, we will referee to it as Website).

The use of either the web or the APP implies the unconditional acceptance of each one of the disposals and terms included in this Legal Notice. Consequently, the website/APP User must read carefully the present Legal Notice, in every occasion she makes a use of either one of them, for the text may be modified according to the owner’s criteria, or in order to suit the possible changes that the law, the precedents or the corporate activity may suffer.


Name of the owner: ULINDR LTD

Registered office: Level 7, Lyons Range, 20 Bizassa Street, SLM 1640. SLIEMA, MALTA.

Nº VAT inside the UE: MT24798833

Contact number: +35699218519


Registration information: registered in the Public Registry of Companies in Malta. Register Nº: C 83788.

Date of registry: December 1st, 2017.

ULINDR LTD is the responsible of both the website and the APP, and compromises itself as so to fulfil the national and European requirements on the use of the Users’ personal information.

Both the website and the APP seek to ensure the protection of the information provided by the Users, in response to what is disposed in the

General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016, and in the Law of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce 34/2002 of July 11 (LSSI-CE).


The website contains of all of the relative information on the APP and the way to download it from Google and Apple stores; a service provided by ULINDR LTD to those willing to become a User of the APP.

The access and use of the website, as well as downloading the APP, automatically makes you a User of the website and/or APP (from now on, “User”), which implies necessarily the User’s agreement with all of the disposals and conditions included in this Legal Notice. This will be so even when the content of the Legal Notice has been modified, as indicated in the first paragraph: the User must keep up with its content, since using either the website or the APP means that you agree with it.


3.1. Free use of the website and the APP. The use of both the website and the APP is entirely free, except for the cost that comes from being connected to the provided access network, hired by the Users.

3.2. Sign up as a User. Any who wants to sign up as a User of ULINDR must have reached the legal age of 18. Underage will not be able to use the APP, for ULINDR provides its services just to those over 18. If the User proceeds on signing up for the APP, we will understand that she fulfils with this requirement; otherwise, ULINDR LTD will not take responsibility for the false information provided by the User.

3.3. In any case, it is the User who guarantees and takes responsibility for the accuracy, veracity and validity of the personal information provided. The User, as well, commits to keep it so, and to update this information if it should be changed to fulfil these requirements. The User agrees to provide ULINDR LTD, in the sign up contact available in the website, with complete and correct information. This must be so, as well, when it comes to create a profile once the APP has been downloaded, according to what has been disposed in the Privacy Policy.

If you are underage and have, nonetheless, entered the website, you must no sign up as a User or the APP nor download it.

ULINDR LTD respects the Users of both the web and the APP, and so, cares for the protection of their personal information. As a User, you must know that your rights, in terms of privacy and data protection, are a must and are guaranteed.


ULINDR LTD will address the Users of the website/APP both in English and in Spanish. Spanish will prevail before English language. ULINDR LTD does not take responsibility on the misunderstanding by the User of the Spanish as language used in the website and the APP, nor on the consequences that this misunderstand may lead to.

ULINDR LTD can modify the web content without warning about it previously. This means ULINDT LTD can eliminate some of the content of both the website and the APP, as well as changing the way the User can access to them, freely and without the providing of reasons. ULINDR LTD does not take responsibility on the consequences that these changes can produce on the Users.

It is forbidden to use either the website or the APP content to advertise, hire or disclose your own publicity or information, without ULINDR LTD’s consent. Either ways, every form of spam is forbidden. No one can get advantage of the services or information provided to the Users in order to send or disclose publicity; no matter the fact that the use of the APP and the website is entirely free.

If third parties are to incorporate in their websites links and hyperlinks addressing to ULINDR’s website, those will address to the opening of the complete website, never manifesting, direct or indirectly, false, inexact or inaccurate indications, nor fall into perfidious or illegal actions against ULINDR LTD.


Personal information provided by the User can be stored either on a database or a non-computerised one. Its ownership belongs exclusively to ULINDR LTD, which takes over all of the technical, organizational and safety measures that will ensure the confidentiality, integrity and quality of the information owned, according to currently valid and prescribed contents in the laws and rules regarding data protection.


Both the use of the web and of the APP, as well as of the non-consented use of the contained information in them, is on the full and exclusive responsibility of the User. ULINDR LTD will not answer for any harm or damage that might result from it. In the same way, ULINDR LTD does not take responsibility on safety errors or on the possible harm that the User’s device or documents/archives stored in it may suffer due to:

  • the presence of a virus in the network that the User connects to access to the contents and services provided by the web/APP,
  • the inappropriate functioning of the User’s browser,
  • and/or the use of non-updated versions of the web/APP.

ULINDR LTD will not take responsibility on the viruses or software programmes that could harm the User’s devices when acceding to the website, or to others from which the User accedes to the website.


The website might use cookies or similar methods, according to the Cookies Policy, that the User can check anytime. Our Cookies Policy commits to respect the User’s privacy.


Internet serves can gather up non-recognisable information, such as IP addresses, as well as data that cannot be used to identify the User. The User’s IP address will be stored automatically in the access login, with the only purpose of making communications possible when navigating the Internet. Also, the IP addresses might be used to make anonymous statistics regarding the number of visitors the website receives, as well as their origin. These statistics, however, won’t in any way compromise the User’s privacy, whose navigation will always remain private.


The User knows and agrees on the fact that all of the contents available both in the website and the APP are exclusive ULINDR LTD property. As so, the User is committed to respect ULINDR LTD’s intellectual and industrial property rights (as well as those that might be entitled to third parties). Any use of either the web/APP or their contents must have an exclusively particular nature.

Any other use of these contents that involve copy, duplication, distribution, transformation, public communication or any other similar action, is exclusively reserved to ULINDR LTD. Therefore, no User can accomplish these actions without a previous, written consent by ULINDR LTD.


The current Legal Notice will be interpreted and regulated according to the Spanish law. ULINDR LTD and the Users, renouncing deliberately to any other regional code of laws that they could be attached to, will be subjected to the courts and tribunals of the User’s residence place, in case of any argument that could result from the use of the web/APP. In the case of a User not residing in Spain, ULINDR LTD and the User will be subjected, renouncing deliberately to any other regional code of laws that they could be attached to, to the Maltese courts and tribunals.

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