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Why Ulindr?

My name is Palmira. I wanted to introduce myself and tell you the reason behind founding Ulindr. As a woman that is part of the LGBT community I have always missed an app where I could connect with and meet other women from the LGBT community, have a nice conversation, and why not, where I could find love. I think that WE need this kind of apps more than anyone else. Why do I say this? Because the reality is that women from the LGBT find it more challenging to meet women from the community, right? That is why I decided to found Ulindr: I want an app with a real and authentic community, where we feel comfortable, where we can find friends, chemistry and connection with other lesbians and bisexuals. And that can only be achieved if we work together!

The App

Main Features

“Meet Up Now” is an exclusive and revolutionary feature only available in Ulindr that you will love if you think that chemistry can only be achieved face to face. 

Activate “Meet Up Now” and discover members of the community that are willing to have a coffee today. 

Chatting is fun, but its time to take a step forward. What are you waiting for? Open it and open your possibilities. There’s nothing like the present. The first step is meeting face-to-face, and in Ulindr we have made this easier than ever. 


Fancy a walk?

Getting Started

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Meet up now

Activate "Meet Up Now" and chat with girls willing to meet today


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